Brian L., November 12, 2022

Jerod was extremely helpful throughout the entire sales process. From the beginning by providing quality referrals for helping us to clear the house out, a rapid sale and finalizing the close process. Great job, Jerod!

Ashley & Kristopher G., October 28, 2022

Jerod Zahn goes above and beyond. He genuinely works hard and cares about his customers.

Matthew T., July 28,2022

Jerod was always available to show us a property and had great working knowledge of property conditions, etc. He knew exactly what I was looking for and was helpful in directing me towards houses that I would be interested in and away from houses that wouldn't work for me. Communication was always quick and clear.

Tom B., March 31, 2022

Jerod is the best in this business!

Stacy M., February 2, 2022

Jerod is so attentive. No matter the question or situation he’s always available and follows through as promised. His level of professionalism is second to none, and he’s such a wonderful person to work with!!